There are three components to the 2to10 study (see below). Great care has gone into the study to make it confidential, objective and relevant. Each year the study has expanded in scope and the study strengthens as new member data is added, creating a larger population data set and comparables. Your annual fee covers only part of the cost of the study. The remainder of the cost is covered by our sponsors.

Next Practice Report


Go from best to next practices based on fresh, actionable ideas and information from our annual survey of current and future business practices from member salons, for each of the Five FunctionsTM.

Financial Benchmark Report


Participate and get results from our fourth annual 2to10 multi-location benchmark study, the only study of its kind, based on real data from confidential member P&L’s.

P&L Scorecard


Receive a CONFIDENTIAL scorecard with rankings for your business in key performance areas, compared to the 2to10 member group, allowing you to make better business decisions, based on objective data.

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